Antonio began his journey at a young age practicing dance, folk-style wrestling and martial arts. After nearly a decade of practice in these arts he began to find interest in disciplines that could not only increase the control over his body but increase the lack of mobility, coordination and dexterity that he had developed from over-specialization in wrestling. This is when he began to practice parkour, rock climbing and gymnastics-style strength and conditioning work. He later learned that the ‘dust‘ wasn’t what he was after but the cloud of movement was what truly interested him.

This is around the time that Antonio found the work of Ido Portal and become obsessed with learning the ‘freedom‘ that Ido and his students demonstrated. He studied with Ido’s team in many workshops across and outside of the US as well as worked with Ido’s close students in person in both the US and Asia. Antonio has been an online student under The Ido Portal Method now for many years.

Antonio has traveled around the world to learn from some of the best teachers in their fields from New York to China. His main objective is to practice and teach the ideas of bringing a Movement Practice back into our lives.

Beyond the tutelage under many teachers, Antonio also has a formal education with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Physiology.

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