The opportunity for in-person group classes is available with classes starting March 1st!

Class Size: 6 – 12 students

Class Duration: 1.5 – 2 hour classes, 4 times per week

Requirements: Every student must be able to attend at least 3/4 classes every week. You must be willing to dedicate time outside of class for extra homework and research. You must be dedicated to the process. There are no prerequisites in terms of experience, age, understanding, etc. everyone is welcome to join but you must be able to commit yourself to the practice.

Where: The classes are held in Shenzhen , China. Classes are held both indoors and outdoors depending on the subjects explored.

What: We offer an opportunity to learn and move as a tribe. We learn a variety of topics/subjects, of which include coordination, hand-balancing, mobility, strength work, locomotion, rhythm, tactical work, environmental practices, partner interaction and more. Topics are decided by the teacher and are worked intently.

Price: Please email with subject line ‘Shenzhen Movement Practice’ for pricing and further information.

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