Developing good movement habits and staying away from the bad ones can really affect our overall improvement as well as health. Here are four habits I strongly recommend you begin doing everyday, throughout the day.


Squatting in western culture is mostly lost and most of us must regain this basic use of our lower body. Not squatting can lead to a lot of problems in the spine, ankles, knees and hips. The benefits are endless. Do this everyday as much as you can.


Hanging is for our upper-body as squatting is for our lower body. It puts us in an extended position that lengthens us out while the squatting compresses us down. Both are very important and there are many types of hanging to use. Be creative and hang often. Remember hanging does not need to just happen on a bar, use a door frame, wall, chair, desk, tree , the options are limitless.

Touch the Floor

Our contact with the floor is mostly, dont touch that. This has caused the strength in our wrists and shoulders to decline rapidly. Taking time to put weight on our hands allows for long term strength and mobility adaptations as well as some prehab and rehab features. Touch the ground daily.

Move the Spine

If the spine doesnt move well, neither will the body.

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The spine is the foundation of our bodies, without it , it doesnt matter how strong or mobile we are, nothing would happen. Taking care to move the spine everyday ensures a lifelong practice and will open up many doors in the future. Move your spine!

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