Missed Training

Missing trainings is not ideal nor should it ever be done. There are of course many circumstances that can happen, where missing a training session is inevitable such as; sickness, long flights or big accidents. Here is how to deal with missing a training session.


Make up the session on your rest day. This works well if only a few sessions are missed. You can overload your rest day with the missed sessions. Then the next day you will be back on track. This will be fatiguing for the body so remember to recover well!


  1. Treat the session as a deload session. If you are missing a session due to time constraints , make this session a deload session. Remember to properly mark this in your notebook, so as not to deload too often
  2. Double up on sessions the next day. If you missed your session yesterday and have extra time today, just simple double up on the sessions for the day. This will of course be fatiguing, so stay on top of your recovery!
  3. Prepare beforehand. This method will work if you know you will miss a session i.e. are taking a long flight. 3-5days before this event you can do extra sessions during those days to make up for the sessions you will lose during your event. Then during the event you can recover all you’d like.

Traveling and Practicing – How I Approach It

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