Movement and Life

Without movement there is no life. We often tend to separate our movement life and our life, life. What we should recognize is that there is no separation. Much like the separation of our nations, the people remain the same, as does our movement and life practice.

To put this into practice, take every moment , every thing that you do and do it well. with quality. with attention. to the best of your ability.

When you make your coffee, get lost in the process. Dont just press a button and watch the black liquid come out. Get involved in grinding the beans, measuring the amounts, pouring carefully.

When you talk with someone, dont just let your words half-heartily erupt out. Give thoughts to your words and actions.

This is what it means to have a LIFE PRACTICE. Treat everything you do as seriously as you would treat a training session. Learn from it, take notes, get involved. Do not just go through the motions.


Cooking: Instead of eating out, ordering in or waiting for your husband/wife to make the food. Go get that food yourself, chop it yourself and cook it yourself. Get involved in the process. You may think of this as a waste of time but nothing is a waste of time with the right mindset. Learn to love the process, as this process must be done everyday , your entire life.

Studying. Whilst studying, put the phone away, dont check your email , dont respond to friends. Get lost in your study. Pay attention to everything you are learning. Not only will this help you remember things better but it will develop you into a better thinker.

Talking. Many people seem to talk and not listen. They are simple waiting for their turn to talk. Learn to absorb what that person is saying and respond in the best way you can. Often we don’t think about the words we say or only talk about ourselves. Get involved in other peoples lives. This will help your relationships become deeper.

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