Antonio Torres of the Tao Way (@torresjr.antonio) comes on the Passive Hang! 
I found Antonio via his amazing YouTube channel, The Tao Way. He shares a lot of great insight in training and teaching but manages to be at the same time very entertaining to watch and follow. Antonio is currently in Ohio, but is based in China, having lived there for 3 years. 
Antonio shares his story of studying under both the Ido Portal method and eastern practices such as Kungfu. Even at times going into a Kungfu school to train 8 hours a day, Antonio still managed to find time to fit in his handbalancing. I think all handbalancing romantics will agree – it’s hard to give up. 
Now Antonio is making the transition to teach movement online and in person full time. He shares part of how he approaches the teaching process, and interestingly, the process he takes from transitioning a subject matter from being a practitioner, to teacher. When are we ready to teach it? In the age of non-stop information and new tools available from an Instagram scroll, it was comforting to hear how Antonio dedicates himself to the actual practice and the time taken. Authentic stuff, and it shows on his videos – Antonio is trying to share good information, not just more information. 
Full Podcast on Spotify:
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