Program Details

The programs I provide can be complex (for good reason), so lets break down some details.

Letter/Number System (A1, C3, Etc.)

You will notice on your program a letter/number system starting with A, with each letter having a number attached like ‘1’.

The LETTER indicates an exercise group for example;

A1. Chinups x3-5reps 30X1
A2. Pushups x3-5reps 30X1

These two exercises will be grouped together because they have the same letter ‘A’ in this case.

The number represents the amount of exercises in the group. The above example has two exercises hence ‘A1’ and ‘A2’


After the exercise you will see a range of reps like ‘3-5reps’ or a range of seconds like ’10-20sec’. You should always start with the lowest number here and complete those for ALL sets. Once this is complete, you can increase by 1rep per session or 1-5sec per session. At this new rep range, work to do this rep range for all sets. Continue this process until your end goal/rep scheme is hit.


Tempo is done with a four number system, such as 40X1. Each number represents a number of seconds for each phase of a movement; eccentric, pause at the bottom, concentric, and pause at the top, respectively.

The first number ‘4’ represents the eccentric or lowering phase of the movement, so this movement will take 4sec to complete the eccentric.

The second number ‘0’ represents the pause at the bottom of the movement, so this movement you will pause for ‘0’ seconds in the bottom.

The third number ‘X’ represents the concentric or the upward phase of the movement, and ‘X’ represents AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Now note that ‘as fast as possible’ can be very very slow or very fast, the main thing is you go as fast as you can. Not fast and not slow.

The fourth number ‘1’ represents the pause at the top of the movement, so this movement will take ‘1’ second to pause at the top of the movement before continuing.

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