The Tao Way Movement T-Shirts


The First Official Tao Way Movement T-Shirt!

Enjoy this T-shirt as you are going through your day, exploring your environment or moving through your practice.

NOTE ON SIZES: These are ‘Chinese sizes’ meaning that you may have to buy a bigger size than you are used to. I am 183cm tall and about 185lbs, the XXL fits me just a little big (the way I like it). Max is 163cm tall and 110lbs and the Medium size fits her a little big (the way she likes it). Please read through the sizing chart provided to find your correct size.

ALL ORDERS will ship at the End of May / Beginning of June. Thank you for your patience!

PRICE: 19.99 USD

SHIPPING: FREE inside Mainland, China and 5.00 Internationally

What do the Chinese Characters mean? There are two Chinese characters on this shirt 陶 Táo and 道 Dào. The character 陶 Táo comes from my Chinese name 陶力安 Táo lì’ān and the character 道 Dào, in this word, can be translated to ‘The Way’. The meaning is ‘The Way of Tao’ or ‘The Way of Antonio’.

Why are the Chinese Characters written from right to left? Normally, in written Chinese, you would see the characters as 陶道 Táo Dào but on this shirt they are written 道陶 Dào Táo. This artistic choice was chosen because in ancient times, such as on temples, the characters were written and read from right to left and not left to right. For example, the Shaolin temple is written 寺林少sì lín Shào (Temple Lin Shao) and not 少林寺 Shào lín sì(Shaolin Temple).

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of shipping internationally out of China, once the product has shipped refunds will not be given. Please carefully check shirt sizes and shipping details.

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