What is ‘Movement’ ?

When first looking from the outside, you may associate movement with handstands or flowing on the ground or practicing the splits. While these may be A PART of the practice, they are NOT the practice.

Movement is in everything we do, from cooking, to playing with our sons/daughters, to our work, or our sleep. The moment we stop moving, we die. Even in tasks where movement is seemingly non existent (meditation, sleeping, sitting) there is a lot going on the microscopic level. Atoms and cells are moving like crazy, small muscles are stabilizing our bodies, our lungs and diaphragm are in constant movement to give us air, the list goes on…

Practicing ‘Movement’ can include an infinite amount of practices. Your movement practice and someone else’s may look entirely different. There are general qualities that we can develop in strength, mobility, balance, coordination, terminology, etc. but know that these are simply tools that we can use to explore movement.

As you progress on your journey, things will become a little less foggy but never entirely clear. Movement is like a cloud, forever changing and once you think you recognize the shape it is gone and transformed into something similar but never the same.

This may have left you with more questions than answers but that may be a good thing. Keep exploring.

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