for those that wish to develop their own unique movement practice with antonio as your personal teacher.



This option is for those on a smaller budget, lower time commitment and/or those that want to study a single subject.


This option is for those that wish to dive deeper into a more general movement practice, working with a variety of different subjects and understanding the practice on a deeper level for themselves.


This option is for those that wish to not only practice for themselves but also learn how to teach various subjects to others. In this option, we will have one monthly zoom call that will include lectures, Q&A’s, and much more. These calls will not only improve your understanding of your own practice but you will also learn how to program various subjects, learn the most recent science and research in this field and much more.


“When I first saw Antonio from his Youtube channel, I was amazed by the way he explained movements, their methodologies and the philosophy behind them. I am happy that I’ve reached out to him and became his online student for the past 6-months. I had injuries and imbalances in my body, which has drastically improved over this period. I enjoy doing the programs that Antonio designs explicitly for me, which have gradually built my confidence and awareness. I’ve achieved things that seemed to be impossible for me, thanks to Antonio’s ability to give the right directions/cues and good spirit. He always tells me that this is a long and patient journey, and keeps me motivated in my times of struggle. I appreciate all the energy and efforts he put on my progress. I can’t wait to see my growth over the years under the Tao Way.” -Mao (Turkey)
“I first saw Antonio’s YouTube channel and the way he explains things are so powerful and warm. As far as I can say, he is a great practitioner and a coach. It’s been eight-months together and it is great to be working with him. Either you are on full throttle or in a slow/tired period, he perfectly leads you to your goals with  great program designing, motivation and amazing cues. I get super excited for every new phase he designs for me. At first I was skeptical about the online coaching idea, but now I fully trust the process. I believe that the movement practice is a self-journey and it is great to be contributed and leaded in this way. It really transforms you and not only has an impact on the way you move, but also the way you are. Huge thanks Antonıo”. -Olay (Turkey)
“Before “The Tao Way” I faced endless frustration. I couldn’t get anywhere with (actually) improving my movement. Antonio changed all of that.I selected Antonio as my teacher, not just because I was inspired by how he moved. There was also an obvious ‘deeper’ understanding of movement concepts, demonstrated through his skillful articulation of critical movement details (usually glossed over or completely left out by other “experts”). I’ve worked with Antonio for over 6 months now and all of my expectations have already been exceeded. My movement has progressed well beyond the levels I had imagined and everything continues to steadily improve! “The Tao Way” has essentially helped me advance to a completely new way of thinking. Developing a highly effective movement practice has set me on the path to far greater self-fulfillment than I could have possibly foreseen in the beginning. I’m forever grateful for Antonio and his invaluable teachings because as cliche as it sounds; it’s truly changed my life. I have no doubt that any student of Antonio’s feels the exact same way.” – Chris Penfold (Sydney, Australia)
“Having worked with many coaches in the movement scene, Antonio’s approach to training and attention to detail is world class. If you have the time and desire to develop your movement practice, this is the place.” -Jordan (USA)


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