a place to learn more about the Movement Practice.

What is a movement practice?

Movement is in everything we do, from cooking, to playing with our sons/daughters, to our work or our sleep. The moment we stop moving, we die. Even in tasks where movement is seemingly non existent (meditation, sleeping, sitting) there is a lot going on the microscopic level.
Practicing ‘Movement’ can include an infinite amount of practices. Your movement practice and someone else’s may look entirely different. There are general qualities that we can develop in strength, mobility, balance, coordination, terminology, etc. but know that these are simply tools that we can use to explore movement.
Movement is like a cloud, forever changing and once you think you recognize the shape it is gone and transformed into something similar but never the same.
I believe that if you truly love something, it should be what you spend most of your free time doing. I love the quote by Bukowski, “Find what you love and let it kill you.” I practice, research, and devote myself to the practice of movement for 6+ hours a day, everyday. I wish to also give others access to this practice through various mediums including online and in-person coaching. I want to share the idea of movement to as many people as possible. Move always, move more!


I now offer ONLINE SUPPORT, WORKSHOPS and FREE resources through my YOUTUBE and INSTAGRAM. Feel free to search around and if you like to get in touch you can email: info@taowaymove.com